Product Development

Seaweed and micro-algae are compelling ingredients for a variety of applications and industries. By combining different species, you can bring natural products to the market with specific functional and nutritional properties. However, integrating algae into product lines is not without its hurdles. As each type of algae is different, businesses must navigate challenges around inclusion rates, formats, consistent quality, supply reliability, and product safety.

Recognizing these complexities, we have partnered with The Crop Project to offer specialized product development consulting services for seaweed and micro-algae. We also offer ready-to-incorporate ingredients that your product developers can test formulations.

Product Development Consulting

After years of collective experience scaling brands and products in the natural foods industry, our team has spent the past several years processing, testing, and developing various applications with kelp and other species of seaweed and micro-algae. We offer CPG, food service, and hospitality companies the following services:

• Recipe development.
• Market studies and competitive benchmarking.
• Detailed cost analyses.
• Specialized lab testing services for product safety and nutrition.
• Sourcing of high-quality algae from sample through commercialization. 

What can you expect? A one-stop shop so your team can save a tremendous amount of time and money on product development.

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Below is an initial list of algae-based ingredients that offer unique value propositions for product developers to explore. You can read more about each product and request samples directly from the suppliers.
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If you are looking for help finding a specific ingredient, Cultured Supply provides dedicated sourcing services.

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